Monday, April 23, 2012

Image of Jesus Christ on the Moon

About a week after the discovery of the Buddha form on the Moon, yet another discovery stunned me. It was a holographic image of Jesus Christ in the Sea of Serenity, the common name for Mare Serenitatis. The discovery was made on December 25th, 2007, ironically on Christmas Day.
Full Moon -- Mare Serenitatis

I have struggled in my mind whether or not to publish this finding because of my inability to describe this in some meaningful way. It is not because I am not a Christian and my knowledge of Christianity is at a bare minimum. It is purely because I am uncertain about its meaning and why the image could be on the Moon. Historically, there is some connection between Gautama Buddha and the image of the Buddha form on the Moon. But I could not find anything which makes the connection between Jesus Christ and the image of Him in a shroud on the Moon!! Nevertheless, it is up to the individual who can see the image and is able to perceive objects of historical significance to arrive at some rational conclusion regarding its meaning and its purpose.

We were on a road trip to California with my brother-in-law, a Buddhist monk from Vietnam, when we stopped in Santa Ana, California. I had been driving for nearly 400 miles that day, we were all tired, it was Christmas night and a motel vacancy was hard to find. After driving around a bit, we found a vacancy sign at a motel and we were eager to check-in and relax. The thought of discovering the Buddha form was constantly on my mind and I could not wait to start my laptop and start looking at the high resolution images of the Moon. It had become an addiction.

After a quick wash and a bite to eat I began looking at the images for anything new that I could find. Suddenly, in much the same manner as the earlier finding, I saw an image of what I could perceive immediately as Jesus Christ. I had watched the 2004 movie “Passion of the Christ” and the image just struck me like a lightning. I showed the image to Thay Thien, my brother-in-law, and he too was pleasantly shocked and surprised. Thay Thien immediately pulled out his sketchpad and pencil and started sketching what he had just seen. In the meantime, I was busy documenting the finding and writing things down so I would not forget the moment of discovery.

Sea of Serenity -- Maria Serenitatis

Pencil sketch by Thich Le Thien

There are a number of reasons why I did not publish this earlier. It is hard for me to describe. But the important thing is I made a decision to publish this because of the inspiration I received on Easter Sunday in Vietnam. My wife, daughter and I had been for a walk around the downtown area of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). As we passed the Notre Dame cathedral I saw many people with their hands folded and praying. I was enlightened. It was then that I felt the need to publish my finding so people can see what is out there on the Moon and explore for themselves their own sense for enlightenment.

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