Thursday, June 14, 2012


Transformation from one form of energy into another is fascinating. Hydraulic energy in fluid-flow systems can be transformed into rotational mechanical energy. Rotational mechanical energy in turn can be transformed into electrical energy. But these are transformations created by the physics of motion which can be seen, observed, demonstrated, and proven to be true. These are human-made physical systems which obey the Laws of Physics. They are machines. Although there is no such thing as a "true" android yet, advances have been made in areas of artificial intelligence to mimic human actions. There is no machine yet that can duplicate or replace the human Mind. Mimicry is the only human-like possibility for machines, but duplication is not.

Why do we wish to think about this? It is because the extent of the human mind is not fully understood in terms of its power to expand. This is a power which is self-induced towards achieving extraordinary clarity in our perception, thinking, understanding, gaining knowledge and reaching a higher state of the conscious mind. Expanding the mind must come from deep thought. It is a trained process of learning to reach into our own minds. It is as though we wish to explore our own mind to understand why, what and how we understand what we are attempting to understand. It is a way to cut out thoughts which have no meaning or purpose. 

How deep is deep thought? Where is the bottom of deep thought? What can we hope to see, feel and perceive at the bottom of deep thought where there can be no perceptions of any kind? So, it must be the Void -- a space of emptiness where nothing can exist, not even our own mind. Our mind itself is the Void. It is truly in the abysmal, immeasurable depths of thought. This thought strikes at the heart of the Heart Sutra, namely, "Void is form and form is void" wherein our physical form appears to be transformed in to an omnipresent state.

The Heart Sutra describes a void where there are no sensory perceptions. There is no sound, there is no light, no smell, no feeling of taste, and nothing to touch. There can be no perceptions of any kind possible in such a void.  There is no sensation of any kind whatsoever. All five aggregates of the Skandhas are absent. The human Mind is in a state of Emptiness.

The associated Manthra which can bring about a transformation: "Ga-The', Ga-The', Paara Ga-The', Paarasam Ga-The', Bodhi Svaaha" is the mechanism which enables self-induced transformation into the Void. So, Void is oneself, and oneself is the Void. I have wondered what this feeling must be for a long time.

There is nothing magical in this form of transformation. It is a natural expansion of the Mind towards the other extreme -- an extreme where there is nothing to think about. Noting that thoughts emerge from our sensory perceptors, the absence of all perceptors makes no thought possible. There are no eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, and no body or mind for any thought to exist. This means there can be no perception that even the Mind exists. It is a state of absolute Zero. It is within this state of mind that all truth can be seen clearly, and with great clarity. The feeling is like encapsulating oneself within a bubble where the bubble is oneself. The World view is a view from within oneself. I have asked myself whether such a state can be achieved while one is not sitting in a fixed position in a meditative state. In other words, can one attain the Zero state while engaged in all normal activities? I have come to believe it can be done, even if it is a momentary feeling. The state of emptiness is truly an experienced understanding which no words can describe.
Statue of Avalokitheshwara overlooking Da Nang city

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