Sunday, January 20, 2013


To appreciate and admire the beauty in happiness we must first experience sadness, understand what the sadness means, and find ways to remove the sadness. To be happy we have to overcome sadness. This gives the feeling of standing at the foothills of a mountain, and asking oneself "how am I going to climb this mountain of sadness and stand on its top to see happiness again?" 

One beautiful morning, a mother talking to someone on the phone, hears the father talking to the daughter. While still on the phone, the mother immediately gestures to her daughter to move her things and to come sit with her. The mother walks away with her daughter.  The father sees everything, forcing himself not to blink, tears begin to form, he feels choked and waits until the mother and daughter are not in sight.

Stories are told so that some day others who read can visualize how society has evolved in to a highly complex society with multitudes of cultural, social, ethical, moral, and ethnically built-in values. The meaning of one's own feelings of sadness varies across cultures and in their social acceptance of certain facts which could be counter to, for example, a western thought. Therefore one person's sadness cannot be compared with another's sadness. We all experience our own sadness which can never be fully shared. There is a cause for sadness, and there is an effect of being in sadness. 

How one can conquer and eliminate sadness is perhaps one's thought. The answer might be for one to just follow their own natural instincts truthfully. If one believes that a Manthra could be the solution, then one has the power to use it. 

The Manthra is a reinforcing agent which is a constant reminder to do things in the manner it must be done. Enlightenment does not happen by magic. Enlightenment is a result of hard work that is aimed towards success. In research and in engineering, enlightenment is the success in  building a prototype  of some device, which proves the need for that technology in the future.

The thought of the Mantra kept ringing in my Mind. I wished so much for my sadness to go away. It is the constant feeling of "going, going, going, going, going, going, going, going, going, going,... it will go, it will go, it will go,...". At times I felt how, and in what form I must cause something for it to have any affect to spin me out of this sad feeling.

The anatomy, of the constant chant in one's Mind, is that if one wants to achieve a certain form, a state of Mind that allows greater perceptive abilities, then one must begin the task with the highest confidence that the desired objective or goal in life is achieved. Naturally at the beginning of the task everything appears impossible, it is as though there are mountains ahead in our path that have to be overcome towards greater knowledge. The feeling is such that one is taken towards an attractor and captured in time and space.

How could one spin out from a strange attractor that has gripped your mind with thoughts that are chaotic, and feels weird -- one wonders. Strange thoughts go through your Mind. The paths are unpredictable, and there are no rational thoughts. How would you get out? One wonders how and when such a transformation can occur. 

I suppose that is indeed the message from the image of the Buddha form on the Moon. 

Old Laotian painting showing Gautama Buddha's battle with Mara the demon King

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